Wednesday, 15 February 2012

A more professional start...

Now then, I have decided to wipe my blog of the previously incriminating posts, so to speak, in order to go for a more professional approach. This was once a diary about the depravity of friends and I, as we rampaged through Lincoln's high street was fun, but the novelty has worn of a little and it's time to start taking my work seriously.
Not that this is now to be a severe and crucial voice on global issues. I'm no Nick Davies...Yet. So, I've decided to start out small and write about something that I really care about - Literature. For many that know me, a quiet read seems in complete contrast with my usual activities, but these people could also tell you that I'm virtually an insomniac, and this fits in with their picture of me. But, whilst I come alive at night, I reflect in the daytime. Rather than stumbling back to my bed at 5am and sleeping until sun goes full circle, I drink coffee, break out a Dumas and compare personal adventures I've had that night, with those of Edmund Dante, as imaginations entwine.
Many of the things I know now I've learnt from books, not school. And I read a lot. Didn't pay much attention at school though. Funny how many exams you can still pass when you learn the things worth knowing, instead of simply memorising a monotonous and restrictive syllabus. However, I digress. See, this is how it is. Knowledge is sacred to me because I detest ignorance. That is why I love to read about everything and anything I can: fiction, philosophy, history, astrophysics. Journalists become opinion-leaders. However, your opinion can never count for anything if you've not studied the full facts of an issue. Reading a newspaper and spewing out homeland propaganda that has almost been bred into you, does not make you a journalist as far as I'm concerned. Not a good one at least. You must go to as many different sources as you can to find the truth. Or what you perceive to be the truth. Never forget that books and journals are a form of media also. They're more than important. And if I'm being honest, you're likely to understand a more accurate interpretation of the world by reading Harry Potter, than by reading the Daily Mail. *Stifles a laugh* Sorry, just had the image pop into my head of Princess Di putting the cruciatus curse on an asylum seeker. But seriously, you're better off reading a penguin classic.
All I'm saying is, even the most wondrous and fictitious books can provide insight that is just too true. And I personally think too many people spend time playing xbox and taking the word of an exploitative social system, rather than trying to find some perspective in the written words of history's true genius'.
So, if you will allow me, I will suggest and review books/writers on here that, for one reason or another, I consider to be important, entertaining and great.

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