Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Pure Gonzo...

You know, I think I may have had it right the first time around. I altered this page so as to appear more professional. Whereas, for a long time, it was dedicated to relaying the acts of carnage of myself and acquaintances of mine, I recently punted an attempt at a more sophisticated approach. Articulate I believe I can do; sophistication? Never.
Therefore, changing my blog to a literature review was a bad idea. I do love to read classics and I do believe all in which I've said in previous posts, but right now I'm boring myself to tears. I can't do serious. And if trying to accommodate lecturers, employers, whoever, in the bid to sound more professional means writing in a tone that is wholly unnatural to me, I can tell you right now...Fuck that!
The idea of these pages is so we can develop a style of our own that will make us unique and entertaining. Well, trawling through previous posts, would be enough to stick the noose around zebedee's neck.
My last blog may not have been totally 'professional' (god, I'm sick of hearing that word), but it was a sickening read that was way more enjoyable than the current unenthusiastic drivel.
I'm not a critic, I'm a journalist. And a pretty twisted one at that. And I'm going back to what I love to write - aggressive social commentary. With that, I can infuse a literary vibe so my dream of one day being a Journo-come-novelist can start here. So disregard anything else on here that might sound well thought out, planned and wrapped up in a pretty pretentious bow and stand by, Lincoln, for some obscene spitting, shitting and kicking because this is it...This is pure gonzo.

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